Segment 1:
Roman Reigns comes down to the ring and is quickly interrupted by RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon who is then interrupted by RAW General manager Mick Foley. The RAW GM announced the two superstars who interfered in the main event last week, Seth Rollins and Rusev, will face off against each other tonight. Reigns questions how that relates to him, mentions Triple H costing him the WWE Universal Title three weeks ago and Rusev costing him a chance at a title shot last week. Foley announces Roman Reigns will get his hands on Rusev at Clash Of Champions for the United States Championship. Foley talks about how he’s out of a job if they all lose the battle with SmackDown in regards to the ratings. Mick says he’s going to make things right and grants Reigns a rematch against Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship. Owens comes out and says he beat Reigns twice last week, making “The Big Dog” unworthy of a title shot. KO says he should be preparing for his match this Sunday against Seth Rollins at Clash Of Champions, instead of defending the title tonight. Stephanie agrees with Owens and makes the main event a non-title match. Mick then adds that the match will be contested inside a steel cage.
Image result for rusev mick foley
Stephanie is seen talking with Mick about the main event he made tonight when Rusev and Lana approached them. Rusev isn’t happy about Reigns getting a title shot and having to face Seth Rollins on his wife’s special night since WWE Studios’ “Interrogation” comes out tomorrow, starring Lana and Edge (cheap plug). After Rusev insults the GM’s “Holy Foley” family, Mick tells Rusev his match is right now and congratulates Lana on the movie. Foley then receives a phone call from Chris Jericho.

Match 1: Seth Rollins vs. United States Champion Rusev w/ Lana (Non-Title Match)

Image result for rusev mick foley

After measuring each other up, Rollins brings Rusev into the corner with a barrage of fists and knees. Rusev responds with a stiff kick to the gut, another to the face until he eats a boot to the face followed by a blockbuster off the second rope. Rollins missed a diving knee from the ring apron, gets caught after attempting a crossbody and is slammed into the ring post by Rusev. Back in the ring, Rusev continues the attack on the back with a double axehandle, a powerslam and a running elbow drop for a one count. Rollins is whipped into a corner, targeting the back once more. Rollins tries to fight back twice but is overpowered by Rusev, resulting in him crashing down to the mat while attempting a high-risk move. Rollins fights out of a side bear hug but is hit with a body block. Rollins fights back with an enzuigiri, a reverse STO into the turnbuckle, Sling Blade, a couple corner forearm smashes and, after some resistance from Rusev, the Falcon Arrow for a two count. Rusev tosses Rollins into the air for a knee to the mid-section followed by a roundhouse kick for a two count. Rollins avoids The Accolade, hits the springboard diving high knee, then a suicide dive, moving the fight out of the ring. Rollins and Rusev trade blows as they make their way up the ramp while the referee makes the ten count.

Result: Double Count Out

After the bell, Rusev attempts to send Rollins through the announce table but is knocked off the stage by a knee to the back. Seth jumps off the announce table and lays out Rusev with an awesome diving crossbody.
Image result for charlotte and Dana backstage
Charlotte points out to Mick Foley that last week during the Triple Threat #1 Contender Match both Sasha Banks and Bayley had their shoulders down for the pin, making it a double pin. Dana Brooke suggests Foley cancel the tag team match and have Sasha vs. Bayley in a #1 Contender Match instead. Foley decides to add Bayley to the bout at Clash Of Champions, making it a Triple Threat Match and gives Dana the credit. Charlotte becomes upset and shoves Dana to the floor.
 Image result for chris jericho kevin owens backstage
Chris Jericho is backstage with Kevin Owens, complaining about Mick Foley. Jericho says he’s gonna make a list of everything that’s wrong with Foley and when he shows Mick the list, he won’t like IT.

Match 2: Braun Strowman vs. Sin Cara

As soon as the bell rings, Cara gets in Strowman’s face and unloads with kicks and elbow strikes, getting the big man in the corner for a series of punches. Strowman flattens Cara with a body block before hitting the luchador with a body avalanche in the corner. Cara hits a jawbreaker to escape a vice grip hold and Strowman tosses him out of the ring. Braun leaves the ring to chase Cara but receives a wrecking ball dropkick and suicide dive for his efforts. Back in the ring, Cara attempts a springboard moonsault but gets caught by Strowman mid-air for a powerslam and the three count.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Rating: 2/5 – Short match but mildly entertaining. At least it wasn’t a complete squash, Cara got some offense in and held his own against the near 7-foot tall behemoth. Strowman also showed he’s quite fast for a big guy as he ran in after Sin Cara right before laying him out for the win. Maybe even faster than Big Show should he face someone his own size.



Sasha Banks is getting ready for her match when Bayley appears. She’s excited to be in the ring with Sasha again this Sunday, just like back in NXT. Sasha admits they made history together but that was then and this is the “New Era” on Monday Night RAW. The Boss says she had Bayley beat last week but the “Hug Life” superstar disagrees. Sasha and Bayley each believe they will become the new RAW Women’s Champion this Sunday at Clash Of Champions but tonight they’ll show everyone how it’s done in their tag match.

Match 3: Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. Charlotte & Dana Brooke

Sasha and Dana start the match with a lock up, Sasha escapes a grapple in a rather unique way and puts Dana in a headlock. Shoulder tackle on Dana for a two count, Sasha tags in Bayley but Dana hits her with an elbow strike. Dana brings Bayley to her corner where she tags in Charlotte and they both kick Bayley. Charlotte is slammed head-first into the turnbuckles repeatedly by Bayley. Dana starts yelling at Bayley from the ring apron but is knocked down when Charlotte is whipped into her. Charlotte shifts the momentum of the match, slamming Bayley to the mat, tagging in Dana and another double kick move. Charlotte tags back in and locks Bayley in a submission hold, digging her knee into the back. Charlotte catches Bayley during a tag attempt, tosses her on her feet and hits a running forearm for a two count. Charlotte hits a big chop, Bayley fights back with a springboard arm drag followed by a clothesline for a one count. Sasha tags in and hits a double suplex with Bayley, then pins Charlotte for a two count. Sasha goes to work on Charlotte, performing a top-rope arm drag but is soon met with a kick to gut. Charlotte targets Sasha’s taped up back with some knee strikes for a two count. Dana tags in and goes to work on Sasha’s back with a number of blows. Charlotte tags back in and stretches Sasha’s back with the steel post. More frequent tags between Dana and Charlotte, keeping the fresh woman in the match and not allowing Sasha Banks to tag in her partner Bayley. Charlotte locks Sasha in a submission hold, digging her knee into the back (like she did to Bayley earlier). Sasha fights out with a headscissors takedown, avoids the Figure Eight and tags in Bayley who takes down Charlotte with multiple running axe handles followed by an elbow to the back. Bayley with a shoulder thrust in the corner, a running back elbow and a springboard elbow. Dana prevents the Bayley-To-Belly by pulling Charlotte’s leg and distracts Bayley. Sasha unloads on Dana while Charlotte lays out Bayley with a big boot for the three count.

Winners: Charlotte & Dana Brooke

Rating: 4/5 – Entertaining tag team match, we saw quite a bit from the three competitors in this Sunday’s Triple Threat Match for the RAW Women’s Title at Clash Of Champions. Dana Brooke was probably in the ring the least as she would tag in Chalrotte most of the time. I noticed that Dana is still relatively ‘green’ as she went for a pin right after tagging in which didn’t make much sense and the frequent tags with Charlotte. Either they want her to look like she’s trying to please her mentor or she lacks confidence in herself or her abilities. Charlotte made the match much better in comparison to her tag partner, like Corey Graves said it was practically a handicap match with Charlotte taking on Sasha and Bayley by herself with some outside help.


In Stephanie McMahon’s office, Seth Rollins questions her on throwing away all the memories in favor of Kevin Owens. She insists she had nothing to do with Triple H’s interference in the Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Universal Championship. Stephanie says maybe Kevin Owens was right – Rollins was the reason the WWE World Championship went to SmackDown, he lost to Finn Bálor at SummerSlam and Triple H was tired of him ruining The Game’s reputation. Rollins says he’ll leave Kevin Owens flat on his back at Night Of Champions (Clash Of Champions, Seth) while he holds up the WWE Universal Championship and they’ll realize they made the wrong choice. Seth says he might be their worst nightmare and be a WWE Universal Champion that they can’t manipulate. Stephanie warns Rollins not to threaten her and says Owens is the right person to lead RAW as the face of the “New Era”. She says Kevin Owens has replaced Seth Rollins as “The Man”. Seth says Stephanie used to be a shrewd businesswoman but she’s started to crack since the return of her brother, Shane McMahon.

Match 4: Bo Dallas vs. Gary Graham
Prior to the match, Bo Dallas says, “The tide has turned and I’ve slowly learned that all of our bridges need to burn. As lovers come and go and friends turn to foe, I’ve come to know that only I can bo-lieve in Bo!”
A strong high elbow takes down Graham, the grandson of Michael “PS” Hayes, followed by repeated right hands. Graham rolls up Bo for a two count and gets nailed with a knee shot and a front suplex onto the top rope. Bo hits Graham with knees while he’s suspended by the top rope. Clubbing blows near the ring apron from Bo followed by a clothesline back in the ring. Dallas finishes off Graham with a rolling cutter for the three count.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Rating:1/5 – Quick squash match, only offense from Graham was the roll up pin attempt. I would’ve liked to see more from Michael Hayes’ grandson plus the fact that Bo Dallas is the grandson of Blackjack Mulligan and the son of Mike Rotunda (Irwin R. Schyster). I do find the Edgar Allan Bo gimmick quite interesting though.

Andrea D’Marco interviews Sheamus about his match against Cesaro. The Celtic Warrior is confident the Best-Of-Seven Series won’t make it to a seventh match. Sheamus claims whenever there’s a big match, Cesaro always comes up short. He says he’s one victory away from putting his feud with Cesaro behind him and going on to his championship opportunity.

Match 5: Best-Of-Seven Series Match #6 – Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Sheamus starts beating on Cesaro’s back, sending him into the corner with clubbing blows. Sheamus goes for a couple early pins, trades blows with Cesaro, attempts the Irish Curse backbreaker but Cesaro blocks it and Sheamus blocks The Neutralizer. Uppercut and roll up on Sheamus for a two count. Sheamus uses Cesaro’s momentum to send him hurling over the top rope and onto the ringside floor. Cesaro later avoided the rolling fireman’s carry slam from the top rope and sent Sheamus crashing to the outside with an impressive dropkick. Cesaro knocks Sheamus over the barricade with a running uppercut, right where players from the Memphis Grizzlies are watching in front row. Cesaro sends Sheamus head-first into the ring post and rolls him in the ring where he hits a springboard corkscrew uppercut for a two count. Sheamus blocks a suplex from the apron and targets the bad back again with White Noise onto the apron for another two count. Cesaro ducked the Brogue Kick and rolled Sheamus up for a two count. Sharpshooter attempt countered by Sheamus, Irish Curse backbreaker for a two count. Celtic Cross into a backbreaker for another two count followed by the Cloverleaf until Cesaro counters with a small package for a two count. Irish Curse backbreaker avoided by Cesaro, hits an uppercut, Sheamus with a schoolboy pin and legs on the middle rope but the referee caught him after the two count. Sheamus gets in the referee’s face, Cesaro with another uppercut, attempts The Neutralizer but is sent to the mat with a back body drop. Sheamus missed the Brogue Kick, getting caught on the top rope and on the apron. Sheamus tries to springboard in but Cesaro catches him for The Neutralizer for the three count.

Winner: Cesaro (tying the series 3-3)

Rating: 4.5/5 – Very intense, back and forth match between these two underutilized superstars. The high-stakes drama made it that much more entertaining, Cesaro having to tie the series to stay in and Sheamus wanting to close it out with each man giving their all to come out the victor. Cesaro still manages to leave with the W despite his injured back which apparently isn’t kryptonite to the Swiss Superman.


Image result for mick foley chris jericho

Mick Foley is talking on the phone saying the Best-Of-Seven Series should take place at Clash Of Champions. Chris Jericho tells Foley he’s been doing a terrible job, messing with his friend Kevin Owens and he’s never liked Jericho. Foley says he personally recommend Jericho to Paul Heyman after seeing him wrestle Ultimo Dragon but he hasn’t liked Y2J in a long time, never is an exaggeration. Jericho points out his itemized things about Foley he doesn’t like, dubbing it The List Of Jericho. Foley can’t hear him because he’s missing an ear and calls Jericho a stupid idiot. Steals catchphrases is added to the list and number five is terrible fashion sense. Mick says that would mean so much more if it didn’t come from a grown man with no shirt wearing a scarf. Jericho says it’s trendy in Luxembourg but Foley says it looks ridiculous right here in Memphis, Tennessee. Jericho promises to tell the world about The List Of Jericho.

Segment 2:

Chris Jericho is in the ring and he talks about The List Of Jericho where he states his grievances with RAW General Manager Mick Foley. Number One: Foley’s trying to drive a wedge between him and his best friend Kevin Owens. Number Five: Foley’s terrible fashion sense. The fans give Jericho the “What?!” treatment, causing him to add “the braceface in row 12” to the list. He brags about smashing a cell phone over Sami Zayn’s head last week and he plans to cross Zayn off the list at Clash Of Champions. Enzo Amore and Big Cass interrupt The List Of Jericho. Enzo questions Jericho’s friendship with Kevin Owens because a real best friend wouldn’t let another best friend come down to the ring wearing that vest with that scarf. Big Cass lists some best friends in pop culture, movies and TV shows before Jericho tells him to shut up. The Shining Stars come down and promote their timeshares in Puerto Rico. The New Day make their way down the ramp and Xavier Woods plugs his “UpUpDownDown” YouTube channel. The challengers for the RAW Tag Team Championship at Clash Of Champions, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, come down the ramp. Gallows says they’re taking those titles this Sunday and Anderson gloats about beating them in the middle of the ring. Jericho is on the ramp and he says originally The List Of Jericho was all about Mick Foley but now he’s starting a new list of Stupid Idiots and everyone in the ring is on it. Sami Zayn runs down the ramp and unloads on Jericho, sending him into the barricade twice before rolling him in the ring. A fight breaks out between all ten superstars inside the ring.

Match 6: Sami Zayn, Big E, Kofi Kingston, Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Chris Jericho, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Primo & Epico (10-Man Tag Team Match)

Image result for charlotte mick foley

Jericho and Kingston start the match with a lock up, headlock by Jericho, Kofi whips Y2J into the ropes but is knocked down with a shoulder tackle. Kingston leaps over Jericho twice before hitting a leaping back elbow. Springboard crossbody by Kofi for a two count on Jericho who tags in Epico after seeing Kingston tag in Zayn. Sami takes down Epico with three arm drags with the third transitioned into an armbar. Zayn tags in Big E who locks Epico in the abdominal stretch, whips him into the corner, tags in Kofi, hits a running shoulder thrust and New Day double team Epico for a two count. Gallows clotheslines Kofi from the ring apron and tags himself in, brings Kingston into his corner with a rapid succession of strikes. Gallows tags in Anderson, body slam on Kofi and a knee drop for a one count. Anderson prevents Kofi from making a tag and hits a delayed spinebuster for a two count. Anderson knocks Big E off the apron with a cheap shot and tags in Primo. A monkey flip from Primo allowed Kofi to tag in Big Cass who unloads on one half of The Shining Stars and knocks Gallows & Epico off the apron. Cass with a fall-away slam, stinger splash, body slam and Empire Elbow on Primo for a two count which is broken up by Epico. Enzo goes after Epico, his opponent from last week but is low-bridged out of the ring. Epico mocks Enzo’s dance before eating a big boot from Cass. Gallows gives Cass a taste of his own medicine with a big boot as well. Big E clotheslines Gallows out of the ring and tosses Anderson through the ropes. Kofi dives into Gallows & Anderson with an assist by Big E. Jericho shoves Big E out of the ring and trades blows with Sami before being sent to the mat with a springboard tornado DDT. Jericho ducks out of the way, causing Zayn to nail Primo with the Helluva Kick. The legal man, Cass tags in Enzo for the Bada-Boom Shakalaka which leads to the three count.

Winners: Sami Zayn, Big E, Kofi Kingston, Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Rating: 3/5 – Fast-paced, interesting match between all ten superstars. I was impressed by the spinebuster from Karl Anderson which mirrored that of Hall Of Famer Arn Anderson of the Four Horsemen. Perhaps he could be called The Enforcer of The Club, seeing as he already shares the Anderson name. The chaos at the end was well executed albeit expected.  The result surprised me as the heels dominated most of the match but I assume the faces won to satisfy the crowd heading in to Clash Of Champions since there’s three feuds heading in to Sunday’s PPV event.

Segment 3:

Mick Foley introduces some of the RAW Cruiserweights: Rich Swann, Gran Metalik, Cedric Alexander and Brian Kendrick. Foley announces that they will compete in a Fatal 4 Way Match to decide the #1 Contender for T.J. Perkins’ WWE Cruiserweight Championship at Clash Of Champions.

Match 7: Rich Swann vs. Gran Metalik vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Brian Kendrick (Fatal 4 Way #1 Contender Match)

The Cruiserweights kicks off the bout with a sign of respect.

Cedric sends Kendrick out of the ring, Metalik kicks Cedric and he rolls out of the ring leaving Metalik and Swann in the ring. Swann hits a dropkick on Metalik but is laid out by a running back elbow from Kendrick before being sent out of the ring. Kendrick nails Metalik with a running forearm and turns his attention to Alexander.

Kendrick leaves the ring but Cedric hits a wrecking ball dropkick. Alexander with a sunset flip from the apron on Metalik for a two count. Metalik fights back with a springboard back elbow on Cedric. Alexander comes back with a springboard clothesline on Metalik before being met with a kick by Swann. A snapmare takedown and a kick to the back by Swann. Kendrick comes in but is tossed out of the ring by Swann who goes back to work on Alexander, locking in a modified dragon sleeper hold. Swann and Cedric trade chops with each other before a headscissors takedown attempt by Swann but Alexander just flips himself back up. Cedric gets rocked by a stiff right hand from Swann. Cedric takes down Swann with a flip-over headscissors. Metalik goes after Alexander for a bit until Cedric dives onto Kendrick outside the ring, landing on his feet. Swann gets decked by a right fist from Cedric and Metalik takes out all three cruiserweights with a Topé con Giro. Metalik rolls Alexander in the ring and attempts a springboard move but Kendrick grabs his leg, sending him down to the floor. Kendrick hits a stiff knee to the face of Cedric at the ring apron but gets pulled by Swann who decks him with a right hand. Kendrick flips Swann into the barricade then sends him head-first into the steel steps. Kendrick traps Swann’s foot in a gap in the steel steps and kicks him in the head. Metalik hits a top rope elbow drop on Kendrick, breaking up the submission hold he had on Alexander, for a two count. Metalik takes down Swann with a dropkick off the second rope followed by a standing Shooting Star Press for another two count. Metalik goes for a moonsault but Swann gets his feet up, nailing the luchador in the face. Swann with a double underhook powerbomb into a bridging pin for two count, broken up by a mid-section stomp from Cedric. Swann eats a flip-over springboard enzuigiri from Alexander for a two count. Kendrick tosses Cedric out of the ring, attempts Sliced Bread #2 on Swann but is caught by Metalik yet reverses into an awesome tornado DDT for a two count. Alexander clocks Kendrick with a running high knee but is floored with a Rich Kick followed by the standing 450° splash for a two count, broken up by Kendrick, grabbing Swann’s hair. Kendrick locks in the Captain’s Hook on Cedric but Metalik breaks the hold with a stomp. Alexander shoves Metalik into Swann, knocking him off the apron and delivers the Lumbar Check on Metalik. Kendrick locks in the Captain’s Hook on Alexander for the tapout victory.

Winner and new #1 Contender: Brian Kendrick

Rating: 5/5 – Amazing match from the debuting Cruiserweight Division, tons of action and plenty of in-ring styles. A perfect combination of high-flying, hard-hitting, technical, speed and grappling abilities. Alexander and Swann showed they can take and deliver some brutal chops as well as fly with the best of them. Kendrick displayed viciousness not seen much by cruiserweights, with the use of the barricade and steel steps on Rich Swann. I look forward to seeing what he does against T.J. Perkins at Clash Of Champions for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in it’s first title defense.

Match 8: Roman Reigns vs. WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens (Non-Title Steel Cage Match)

Image result for rusev mick foley

After the bell rings, Owens starts trash talking Reigns before trying to leave through the cage door. Reigns hits Owens with a right hand and KO tries to leave again through the cage door. The WWE Universal Champ tries to climb out of the cage but is stopped and receives a headbutt from Reigns. Owens is on the receiving end of a couple clotheslines, a jumping clothesline and a corner clothesline before sending Reigns face-first into the steel cage. KO follows up with a superkick to Reigns for a two count. Reigns and Owens end up on the top rope, trading headbutts until KO rakes the eyes of Roman, causing him to fall down to the mat. As Owens attempts to climb the cage, Reigns grabs his leg, causing him to briefly be hung up on the top rope. Reigns nails KO with three body avalanche attacks while he’s between the ropes and the cage. Owens is knocked down with a big boot by The Big Dog. Roman sets up the Superman Punch but KO tries to leave the ring via the cage door. Reigns hits a Samoan Drop for a two count and takes Owens to the corner, striking him repeatedly with close clothesline strikes. KO fires back with a release German suplex followed by a cannonball and tries to leave through the cage door again but is caught by Reigns. Owens goes for the senton bomb but Reigns gets his knees up in time to land on KO’s back. Owens grabs Reigns’ leg as he crawls towards the cage door. The two superstars trade blows while getting to their feet, KO with the superkick but Reigns with a Superman Punch mid-air after a Pop-Up Powerbomb attempt leads to a nearfall. Spear attempt but Reigns runs into a kick and then runs into a Pop-Up Powerbomb for another nearfall. Owens climbs the cage and narrowly escapes until Reigns grabs hold of the left ankle and pulls KO back into the ring. Owens with a headbutt followed by repeated slams into the cage. Reigns pulls off an awesome Superman Punch from the corner, knocking both men to the mat. Reigns climbs up the cage at the same time as Owens crawls towards the cage door and falls to the floor right before The Prizefighter rolls out, a mere seconds between each other.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, United States Champion Rusev tries to ambush Reigns but The Big Dog fights back, bringing The Bulgarian Brute  to the steel steps and stomping him repeatedly. Inside the ring, Owens kicks the cage door into the face of Reigns. Rusev rolls Reings in the ring where Owens continues to attack him while Rusev grabs a steel chain and a lock. Rusev uses the chain and lock to trap Reigns in the ring with himself and KO. The two RAW champions double team The Big Dog, with Owens setting up Reigns for The Accolade from Rusev. Seth Rollins comes down and climbs the steel cage, knocking down Owens with some punches and kicks Rusev off the cage. Rollins climbs the top of the cage and takes out both men with a diving crossbody. RAW ends with all four superstars of the major Clash Of Champions title matches laid out in the ring, after the chaos they just went through.

Rating: 5/5 – Incredible match between both men on different paths to Clash Of Champions this Sunday in Indianapolis, Indiana. One defending his title and the other hoping to earn a championship, each willing to put their bodies on the line just six days before the first RAW-exclusive PPV of the “New Era”. The only issue I had about this match was Kevin Owens trying to leave early but it’s understandable as he would rather save his strength for Seth Rollins on Sunday. I just expect more from The Prizefighter than to be a smarmy champion like Rollins used to be. The post-match interactions were interesting, the two main RAW champions targeting Roman Reigns until the eventual “save” by former Shield member Seth Rollins. Never thought I’d see him come to the aid of Reigns as they’ve had a heated rivalry for quite some time. Although I’m sure Rollins will claim he just wanted to send a message to his rival Kevin Owens. Both these feuds are heating up and I can’t wait to see their culmination at Clash Of Champions this Sunday on the WWE Network.

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