T-Rav Da Champ has your Clash of Champions Review. Clash of Champions took place Sunday September 25 in Indianapolis Indiana.
Clash Of Champions Kickoff Show
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Andrea D’Marco interviews Sasha Banks about her Triple Threat Match for the RAW Women’s Championship against Bayley and the champion Charlotte. “The Boss” says she’s going to get payback by punching Charlotte in the face and that tonight is not about Bayley. It’s about her becoming a two-time champion. Dana Brooke walks up and says Sasha should be very afraid tonight that Charlotte may finish what she started at SummerSlam and put her on the injured list. Sasha threatens Dana, stating if she gets involved in the match, she’ll be on the injured list.

Sheamus joins the Kickoff Show panel of Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry Lawler and Lita. “The Celtic Warrior” is confident he’ll win the Best-Of-Seven Series tonight and calls Cesaro his toughest opponent next to Daniel Bryan.

Social Media Lounge: Tom Phillips is with guest Sami Zayn. The WWE Universe ask Sami about his career highlights, fans singing his theme song and if he’s ready for the Gift Of Jericho. Zayn’s responds by saying his match at WrestleMania 32 and his victory over Kevin Owens at Battleground are his current career highlights but he hopes to add winning the WWE Universal Title to the list. The “Olé, Olé, Olé” song has followed him everywhere. Sami believes it’s always good to have a song stuck in your head and even better if it’s his. Zayn says the best gift Jericho could give him tonight is a piece of the old Jericho, the one he looked up to and inspired him to be a superstar.

Kickoff Match – Alicia Fox vs. Nia Jax

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Fox starts the match with a dropkick followed by multiple kicks until she gets scooped up and rammed into the corner. Nia nails Fox with a running splash in the corner. Fox manages to turn the tables, hitting a crossbody on Nia for a one count followed by Watch Yo’ Face (scissors kick) for a two count. Nia floors her with a body strike, running hip attack and a Samoan Drop for the three count.

Winner: Nia Jax

Rating: 2/5 – Very short match but at least Alicia Fox got some shots in on the dominant Nia Jax. I wonder who will be next to challenge the powerful and intimidating superstar.

Main Show
Before the match, The New Day talk smack about their opponents Gallows & Anderson, saying the WWE Universe don’t want them to be the champions.
Match 1: RAW Tag Team Championship Match
Big E & Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson
As soon as the bell rings, Luke Gallows clotheslines Big E outside the ring while Anderson drops Kofi. Anderson hits a running Liger bomb on Kofi for a two count. Gallows nails Woods with a big boot while Anderson continues to work on Kofi. Gallows tags in and continues to beat down on Kofi until Big E makes the tag, at the same time Anderson tags in, and unloads on Anderson with multiple belly-to-belly suplexes followed by a big splash. The Boot Of Doom on Big E leads to a two count which is broken up by Kofi. After tagging in, Kingston is caught mid-air and sent to the mat by an amazing spinebuster from Anderson for a nearfall. Gallows tags in, blocks the SOS, delivers a chokeslam to Kofi and superkicks Big E before attempting Magic Killer with Anderson but Kingston fights his way out. Big E tags in, Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise on Anderson and Big E nails the Big Ending but only gets a two count as Gallows pulls Big E out of the ring. Xavier clocks Anderson with Francesca II while the referee wasn’t looking. Big E and Kofi take the opportunity to deliver Midnight Hour to Anderson for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The New Day

Rating: 3/5 – A good match with the heels in control most of the time until the champs battled back to continue their lengthy title reign. I was expecting new champions to be crowned but The New Day aren’t ready to let go of the RAW Tag Team Titles. I hope eventually Gallows & Anderson win the gold as I think they’re deserving and the champions have had the championship for over a year.


Tom Phillips interviews T.J. Perkins about defending his title against Brian Kendrick. Perkins says he’s been training for this moment since 1998 and admits he’s a bit nervous. While Kendrick may have been here before and has been a champion before, Perkins is confident he will leave the arena still the champion.
Match 2: WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
T.J. Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick
Kendrick with a couple takedowns on Perkins before receiving a headscissors takedown by TJP. Kendrick traps Perkins between the ring apron and the ring, delivers clubbing blows, essentially pulling a move out of Fit Finlay’s playbook. Perkins comes back at Kendrick with some submission holds, including a Muta Lock but “The Wizard Of Odd” reaches the ropes. Perkins battles out of a submission hold using a mule kick. Perkins follows up with a double chickenwing double knee gutbuster for a two count. Perkins hits an interesting hurricanrana on Kendrick near the ropes, sending them both crashing to the outside floor. Kendrick makes it back in the ring at the nine count. After escaping the kneebar, Kendrick hits Sliced Bread #2 for a nearfall. Perkins with a Detonation Kick followed by the kneebar, causing Kendrick to tap out.

Winner: T.J. Perkins

After the match, Andrea D’Marco interviews T.J. Perkins about his successful title defense until Brian Kendrick comes over to shake his hand and give him a hug before dropping Perkins with a vicious headbutt.

Rating: 4/5 – Very entertaining match, good amount of back-and-forth action. Each superstar proudly represented the best of the cruiserweight division with a some high flying feats as well as technical submission proficiency. Perkins proved he’s worthy of the championship and no one, not even the veteran Brian Kendrick will take the gold away from him. After the attack from Kendrick, I see this contest between friends evolving into a rivalry for Cruiserweight dominance.


Tom Phillips interviews Cesaro about his Best-Of-Seven Series Match against Sheamus. “The Swiss Superman” says he will prove who’s mentally tougher tonight, earn his championship opportunity, prove he’s physically dominant and reward the Cesaro Section with the biggest comeback in history.
Match 3: Best-Of-Seven Series – Match #7
Sheamus vs. Cesaro
The bell rings and Sheamus goes on the attack of Cesaro with clubbing blows to the back, brings him to the corner where he continues landing multiple strikes. Cesaro fights back with a dropkick followed by a clothesline, sending Sheamus outside the ring. Back in the ring, Sheamus works on Cesaro’s back for a bit and then launches himself at “The Swiss Superman” in a unique way before nailing him with a clothesline from the top rope for a two count. Cesaro counters the Celtic Cross into a roll up for a two count of his own. Cesaro unloads on Sheamus with the Uppercut Train followed by a tornado DDT off the ropes for a nearfall. Cesaro surprised the WWE Universe by using a move made famous by Rey Mysterio when he hit Sheamus with his version of the 619 followed by a crossbody for another nearfall. Cesaro with the springboard corkscrew uppercut for another two count. Sheamus slams Cesaro to the mat with a brutal backbreaker for a two count. Cesaro with a combination Cesaro Swing into the Sharpshooter but Sheamus reaches the bottom rope, breaking the hold. Cesaro knocks Sheamus off the ring apron with a big boot followed by a suicide dive into the barricade. Back in the ring, Sheamus clocks Cesaro with the Brogue Kick for a nearfall. Sheamus eats a big boot followed by a clothesline and The Neutralizer for a nearfall as well. In the corner, Sheamus knocks Cesaro to the floor with a headbutt, goes for a high-risk move but is decked with an European Uppercut from Cesaro, causing both men to be laid out on the floor. Cesaro runs into White Noise by Sheamus but fights back by ramming his opponent into the ring post and nailing a clothesline, sending them both over the barricade and into the crowd. The WWE doctors begin checking on each superstar and the referee calls for the bell, stopping the match as he believes both men cannot continue.

Result: No Contest

Bayley is shown in the locker room gearing up for her match tonight when the RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte enters and claims Bayley weaseled her way into the match. Bayley says she’s earned her title opportunity tonight but Charlotte says it doesn’t matter as she’s not going to win tonight. Bayley points out that she beat Charlotte on RAW and she’ll beat her again. Charlotte says she won’t and that she can’t even beat Sasha, stares her down and walks away.
Match 4: Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho
Jericho throws the scarf at Zayn, Sami drives him into the corner and hammers away on Y2J from corner to corner. Sami with a springboard leapfrog over Jericho, hits a couple arm drags and follows Jericho outside the ring for a running clothesline. Jericho whips Zayn towards the barricade but Sami jumps and lands a standing moonsault on Y2J. We see a glimpse of the old Jericho when he uses the referee as a shield and hits Sami with a springboard dropkick. Jericho uses the ringside environment to weaken Zayn, sending him into the steel steps and the slamming him down on the barricade. A flying elbow in the ring leads to a two count for Jericho. Sami gets hung up on the ropes before being shoved down to the floor by Jericho. Sami counters a running bulldog, sending Jericho knees-first into the turnbuckle. Zayn takes out Jericho with a Tope con Hilo followed by a crossbody in the ring for a two count. Jericho runs into a Michinoku Driver for another two count. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Sami gets his knees up and rolls up Y2J for a nearfall. Zayn with a springboard tornado DDT, sets up for the Helluva Kick but Jericho leaves the ring and Sami flattens him with the awesome suicide dive / tornado DDT under the ropes. Zayn misses the Helluva Kick, blocks the Codebreaker and slams Jericho into the corner with the exploder suplex. Jericho counters the Helluva Kick into a Walls Of Jericho but Sami counters into a roll up for a nearfall. Zayn with the Blue Thunder Bomb for another nearfall. Jericho nails a Codebreaker on Sami for the three count win.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Rating: 4/5 – Very exciting and entertaining match. I’m surprised Jericho won as I think Sami needs the victory more than a WWE veteran. Despite the unexpected result, it was still an awesome match between two superstars with very similar styles. Hopefully this could be just the first bout of an ongoing feud between two incredibly amazing athletes. Is it too soon for another Best-Of-Seven Series, WWE Universe?


RAW General Manager Mick Foley and RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon hype up WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens for his first title defense at a RAW-only PPV. Owens says he’s going to show Stephanie why her husband picked him over Seth Rollins and why they should’ve made him the #1 RAW draft pick instead of Rollins. KO says he’s the main event and Seth Rollins is no longer “The Man” as he’s now “The Mistake” – their mistake.
Match 5: RAW Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match
Charlotte w/ Dana Brooke vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley
Immediately after the bell, Sasha goes after Charlotte, taking the fight outside the ring and Bayley hits them both with a wrecking ball dropkick. Bayley brings Charlotte back in the ring and tries to pin her twice, only getting a one count each time. Sasha and Bayley exchange words before Bayley goes for a pin, only getting a one count again. Charlotte slams Sasha to the mat by grabbing a handful of hair. Bayley hits Charlotte with a springboard arm drag, Sasha comes back in and all three superstars hit a triple dropkick. Charlotte delivers a neckbreaker to Sasha but shortly ends up in the corner where she receives a running knee from “The Boss”. Bayley hits Sasha with an exploder suplex and delivers an unique elbow to Charlotte for a two count. Bayley with a Twist Of Fate on Sasha, hanging her up on the second rope. Dana Brooke tosses Bayley into the barricade as Charlotte targets the bad back of Sasha with knee strikes. Charlotte continues to stay in control of the match, slamming Banks with a suplex for a two count and continues to attack the taped up back, even tearing off the tape to expose the injured area. Charlotte with a surfboard stretch, using the ring post to further damage Sasha’s back. Bayley comes back in, taking out both Charlotte and Sasha with a crossbody followed by alternating running corner strikes. Sasha sets up her opponents for the diving double knee drop in the corner but only lands on Bayley as Charlotte escaped out of the ring and breaks up a two count by pulling Bayley out of the ring. Sasha jumps from the apron and lands on Bayley with a double knee attack, sending her to the floor. Back in the ring, Charlotte hits a backbreaker on Sasha followed by a devastating slam. The Figure Eight attempt is countered, sending Charlotte into Bayley who delivers a Bayley-To-Belly, the two count is stopped by Sasha who rolls up Bayley like we saw on RAW a couple weeks ago. Charlotte breaks up the two count and starts hitting both of her opponents with chops until they team up to land repeated blows to “The Queen”. Charlotte body slams Bayley next to a prone Sasha and nails them both with a moonsault for a two count on Banks. The champ tries to pin Bayley but also gets only a two count, follows up with Natural Selection for another two count. This time it’s broken up by Sasha who locks the champ in the Bank Statement but Dana pulls her mentor out of the ring. Sasha nails Charlotte with the Backstabber and rolls into the Bank Statement, Banks kicks Dana but Bayley breaks the hold. Backstabber and Bank Statement on Bayley but Charlotte breaks the hold. Outside the ring, Charlotte tosses Sasha into the barricade and comes back in the ring, only to get rolled up by Bayley for a two count. Charlotte with a big boot to Bayley, knocking Sasha off the ring apron. She floors Bayley with another big boot for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Charlotte

Rating: 5/5 – Awesome match from all three competitors from the women’s division. Lots of nearfalls, high impact moves and minimal interference from Dana Brooke. I knew “The Queen” Charlotte would retain her championship as she now has a 12-0 title defense record at PPV events. Tremendous effort from Sasha Banks and Bayley though but Charlotte isn’t ready to relinquish the RAW Women’s Championship anytime soon.

Match 6: United States Championship Match
Rusev w/ Lana vs. Roman Reigns
Both men lock up and Rusev drives Roman into a corner, then another before being tossed through the ropes to the outside. Both powerful superstars exchange blows before Rusev takes down Reigns with a spin kick for a two count. Rusev continues to overpower Reigns until “The Big Dog” nails a hard clothesline, followed by another and a jumping clothesline. But his momentum is cut short as Rusev tosses him shoulder-first into the ring post. Rusev and Reigns battle outside the ring for a bit, “The Bulgarian Brute” sends Roman into the steel steps. Rusev rolls Reigns into the ring for a two count. Rusev clocks Reigns with an impressive dropkick but misses a flying headbutt and is slammed to the mat via a Samoan Drop from Roman for a two count. Reigns sends Rusev into the barricade and then the steel steps outside the ring. Rusev runs into a Superman Punch for a nearfall. Roman calls for a Spear but Lana distracts him allowing Rusev to nail him with the jumping side kick for a two count. Reigns blocks The Accolade attempt and delivers a Spear to Rusev for a nearfall as Lana pulls the referee out of the ring. The official ejects Lana from the match, sending her to the back. Roman hits Rusev with the Drive By not once but twice with the second taking place on the announce table. Reigns runs into a jumping side kick by Rusev for another nearfall. Rusev locks in The Accolade but Reigns powers out of the hold and Rusev rakes the eyes. Rusev charges towards Roman but receives a Spear for the three count.

Winner and New United States Champion: Roman Reigns

Rating: 3/5 – Decent match from both powerful superstars, had some good back-and-forth action but the outcome was too predictable. I’m one of the few members of the WWE Universe who actually likes Roman Reigns as he’s a powerhouse like a Goldberg or Batista. And equally not as talented on the mic as well. He brings the power, speed and intensity to a fight much like Rusev, both are perfect opponents for each other. Now Reigns is the third member of his former group, The Shield, to hold the prestigious United States Champion and Rusev is most likely back on the hunt for the gold, whether it’s the US Title or perhaps the WWE Universal Title.

Stephanie McMahon with Mick Foley hypes up Seth Rollins for the main event of the first RAW-exclusive PPV of The New Era. Stephanie again insists she had nothing to do with Triple H’s interference awhile back and Rollins tells her she’s going to realize she bet on the wrong guy. And that her husband bet against the wrong guy.
Match 7: WWE Universal Championship Match
Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins
Image result for kevin owens vs seth rollins clash of champions 2016
As soon as the bell rings, Owens rolls out of the ring. After chasing KO a bit, Rollins whips him into the barricade. Rollins takes down the champ with a diving high knee off the ring apron. Rollins works over Owens in the ring and nails a blockbuster for just a one count. Rollins with some kicks to KO until “The Prizefighter” catches a leg and kicks the back of the knee followed by a DDT for a two count. Owens sends Rollins head-first into the barricade and rams him into the ring post. KO targets the right knee of Rollins, even tossing him over the top rope where he lands badly on the same knee and follows up with a flying elbow off the ring apron. Back in the ring, KO with a snapmare and running senton for a two count on Rollins. Owens whips Rollins back-first into the corner and then into the opposite corner, each one loud and painful to look at. Rollins flips over in another corner and fires back with a clothesline. After trading blows with KO, Rollins hits the Sling Blade, a couple forearms in the corner, the reverse STO into the turnbuckle and a modified backbreaker for a two count. Rollins brings the fight outside the ring, sending KO into two opposite barricades and clears an the Spanish announce table but the champ retreats in the ring. Back in the ring, Rollins nails Owens with a superkick for a two count. Rollins heads to the top rope but KO kicks his knee out causing him to crash to the corner which allows Owens to deliver a cannonball for a nearfall. Rollins blocks a package piledriver, hits a high knee, KO fires back with a superkick and Rollins responds with an enzuigiri, knocking the champion down. Owens with a running clothesline in the corner, misses the cannonball but catches Rollins mid-air and slams him to the mat with the pumphandle neckbreaker for a two count. Owens delivers a super gutbuster to Rollins followed by a frog splash for a two count. KO brings the fight outside the ring and sets up Rollins on the Spanish announce table. Owens breaks up the count, clears the other announce table, tells both the referee and Rollins to “suck it” and crashes through the table with a running senton as Rollins moves out of the way. Inside the ring, Rollins nails a frog splash but gets a nearfall for his efforts. Chris Jericho comes down, distracts Rollins setting him up for a superkick and package piledriver from KO for a two count. Jericho gets knocked off the apron when Rollins whips Owens into him. Rollins with a high knee to KO, “suck it” taunt and a Pedigree for a two count since Jericho placed Owens’ foot on the bottom rope. Rollins chases Jericho into the ring, Owens attempts the Pop-Up Powerbomb but Rollins falls on top of the referee. Rollins nails a Pedigree but the referee is still down allowing Jericho to attack the challenger until he’s tossed out of the ring and receives a suicide dive. Rollins takes out Owens with a suicide dive as well. Stephanie McMahon sends another referee down to the ring while Owens delivers the Pop-Up Powerbomb as Rollins turns around for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Kevin Owens heads up the ramp with Chris Jericho, raising his title in the air. Jeri-KO continue to celebrate as Rollins tries to recover in the ring.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Rating: 5/5 – Excellent contest between two superb superstars and a definite Match Of The Year candidate. While some may not agree with Jericho’s interference, I thought it was a bit of a nostalgic element from the Attitude Era, considering KO’s latest t-shirt is inspired by the RAW logo of said era. It was a solid one-on-one contest for most part with minimal interference by Y2J. I also like the look Stephanie gave after the match ended, perhaps she was fully aware of her husband’s involvement in the Fatal 4 Way Match nearly a month ago. Perhaps The Authority will return and Kevin Owens will be the poster boy this time around rather than Seth Rollins. Rusev could most likely be the muscle of the group replacing Big Show. Although they’d be recycling an old storyline in “The New Era” at least this time Rollins would be the on the opposing side of The Authority, fighting to reclaim his place as the main champion of the RAW brand.

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