T-Rav the Champ here with my predictions for tonight’s SmackDown Live exclusive PPV. The SmackDown brand presents WWE No Mercy live this Sunday, only on the WWE Network. AJ Styles defends the World Championship against John Cena and Dean Ambrose in a triple threat, Dolph Ziggler puts his career on the line against The Miz and his Intercontinental Championship, Becky Lynch defends and more!

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Kickoff Show

Match: Baron Corbin vs. Jack Swagger

I pick Jack Swagger to win this one and become Corbin’s second loss at a PPV event after Dolph Ziggler at Payback. I would usually go with Baron but Swagger has something to prove as his career’s been kind of similar to the challenger for No Mercy’s Intercontinental Title Match. Which has consisted of some minor ups but mostly downs and a win could really help make Jack relevant again. Plus, this could be the beginning of an ongoing rivalry between Corbin and Swagger if “The Lone Wolf” loses the first match.

Main Show
Image result for wwe no mercy 2016
SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match – Rhyno & Heath Slater vs. The Usos

Despite the new aggressive attitude of Jimmy & Jey Uso, I see the Tag Team Champs of the blue brand coming out on top after showing their opponents No Mercy for their recent behavior. I don’t see Slater relinquishing his gold anytime soon and Rhyno won’t allow that to happen either as Heath has (many) mouths to feed, allegedly.

Curt Hawkins vs. TBD


FACT: Curt Hawkins’ opponent KNOWS he’ll be jobbing like Barry Horowitz right before Curt Hawkins pats himself on the back.

FACT: Curt Hawkins’ mystery opponent has solved the case of who got pinned by Curt Hawkins before it was even opened.

FACT: Curt Hawkins’ unnamed opponent isn’t concerned about Hurricane Matthew, he’s concerned about Hurricane Hawkins!

That should clear up who I think will win this bout.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match – Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss

I gotta go with the champ, Becky Balboa, to come out with the win in this match that’s may be a possible showstealer. Bliss looks to prove herself as a worthy contender and Lynch is focused on showing why she’s the top woman on the blue brand which should make this a must-see match.

Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

After their first match at Backlash was ruled a forfeit in favor of Wyatt due to a backstage attack on Orton, I expect to see “The Viper” win this match. Whether or not a win for Randy will end this feud or irate Bray even more is a mystery to me. If the rivalry does continue, I could see it being resolved at Survivor Series in the “rubber match” as either a one-on-one contest or perhaps a traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team match.

Nikki Bella vs. Carmella

I have been impressed with Nikki Bella’s recent improvements in the ring but I’d like to see Carmella come out with a win. She’s been a great heel lately and a win over a staple of the women’s division would be huge for “The Princess Of Staten Island”. Nikki could continue to feud with Carmella on SmackDown and maybe even at Survivor Series as well.

Intercontinental Championship Match – The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler
(Title vs. Career)
Although I’m hoping Ziggler finally wins a huge match, I’m sure The Miz will walk out still IC champion. This is one prediction where I wouldn’t mind if I’m wrong as I feel for Dolph and would like to see him shift his career into a better direction. With rumors spreading, all signs point to Miz retaining his gold and Ziggler hanging up his boots soon. Maybe the rumors are false and “The Showoff” will walk out of California as a 5-time Intercontinental Champion, one could dream.

WWE World Championship Triple Threat Match
AJ Styles vs. John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose
Without a doubt, “The Phenomenal One” will leave No Mercy and Sacramento, CA as the reigning, defending WWE World Champ. I would be extremely surprised to see either Cena or Ambrose win the gold. The reasons I say this is because there’s talk of Cena leaving to film the second season of his American Grit reality television series and Ambrose just lost the title last month to Styles. So I don’t expect AJ to drop the richest prize in WWE so soon to “The Lunatic Fringe” or “The Leader Of The Cenation” as he vows to remain “The Face That Runs The Place” as long as he can.

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